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Center 40% — Acting 30% — Boy 20% — Strength 10%

skipped Chronicle part because a translation didn’t seem necessary

Girl the Wild’s
In idol groups, the ‘center’ is a position that’s just as important as the leader or main vocal. Fair and slender ‘standard beauty’ Yoona stands at the center of Girls’ Generation. Jumping into acting and being met with innocent, sad, and sometimes a cheerful ‘Candyrella’ (mixing Candy from ‘Candy Candy’ and Cinderella) character is an expected sequence. However, Yoona’s actual image, wrinkling her face waving her hands going, “Oh [no]~” when you bring up her beauty, is beyond all this. She’s called a ‘choding’ (elementary school student) amongst her members for being strong, eating well, and pulling pranks. This brave, boy-like lady gives a letter to the people she worked with after filming ends, and quietly does charity work. The way she smiles freshly, like someone who is modeling a cool drink, talking about how she’s become “determined” (not entirely sure if that’s what it translates to..but I couldn’t think of anything else) after doing 100 auditions makes it clear there are more charms to discover from her.

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[140314] YoonYul Sketchbook gif set. Yuri’s whisper is the lucifer ;D

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MC: I will give you all a situation, if you feel that this guy likes this girl in this situation, then light up your lightstick.

yoonyul dancing mr. mr. with btob

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Yoona for Baby-G